Back to School 2018!

Back to school, Go Green -

Back to School 2018!

Who's ready for their little ones or big ones to return to school this year?

I'd like to say not me, but I know many parents out there who feel the other way and are on the count down! I'll be honest on Wednesday I had in my head that we weren't back to school till Monday week giving us another glorious week of no lunches and lazy days! To say I was disappointed that there was actually only four days left of holidays would be an understatement.

However back to school preparation is still in full swing with some of my children only returning home from holidays in Western Australia with their Grandparent's yesterday, so there still a few items to be purchased like shoes. For the most part though we are organised, kinda.....

One thing we don't have to worry about this year is lunchboxes, why you ask? Well for Christmas 2016 we decided to make an investment in lunchboxes and bought our five school aged children Go Green sets. I call it an investment because, well it is! 

Go Green lunchboxes have a price point higher than I ever would have previously spent on a lunchbox, I mean ever! Plus this new way of packing a lunch was quite foreign to me. Bento style, finger food, no plastic wrap, no waste. I could go on, but after much deliberation I took the leap.

We purchased the five Go Greens and the kids received them as part of their Christmas present, why give them as a gift you say? Well for us personally the cost of the set warranted it to be a particularly special item in that we wouldn't just spend that much just because we could. So under the tree they went all wrapped for Christmas morning. 

Christmas morning came and to the delight of all five kids they loved their new lunchboxes, I however instantly regretted my decision once I saw them all stacked up on the kitchen bench waiting to be washed. My regret though was short lived when I quickly decided that washing up your lunchbox and not just unpacking your bag was going to be a new 2017 afternoon job. And just like that my regret disappeared, and I can tell you in all honesty that this has worked for us, the first child in the kitchen fills the sink and washes up their lunchbox and one by one they all wash them up and they sit drying where they are ready for lunches to be remade after dinner. I quite often get told, "my child is too young to wash dishes" well yes sometimes they do seem rather little and not able to do the job but why not give it a go, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. My youngest child did require a little help removing the lid from the base but other than that she washed her lunchbox herself. In 2017 she was in Prep and just 5 years old.

But back to the part about Go Green lunchboxes being an investment. The lunchbox itself comes with a 12 month warranty, it is completely air and liquid tight, the set comes with an insulated bag, freezer pack and small stainless steel water bottle that fits into one of the compartments should you wish to pop it in there. It holds a whopping 8 cups of food, keeps everything lovely and fresh and best of all the parts are replaceable. So not only does it have a great warranty, once its out of its warranty period you can just replace any bits that need replacing not the whole lunchbox!

Our experience with Go Green has been excellent, we haven't had any warranty issues, we also have not had to replace any of the parts. All five of our Go Green lunchboxes are still going strong and don't look like they'll need replacing anytime soon. So while the Go Green had a high price point I am super confident that we will get many years of use out of them. Not only that but we have the added bonus of no longer having a cupboard with a thousand little containers, half of them missing lids and the frustration of having to replace them all the time. Plus there's the added bonus of not adding to landfill with the endless use of plastic wrap and bags.

This is our experience with Go Green and I just wanted to share.

I hope you're all sorted and organised for back to school 2018, and you don't jump for joy to high before you manage to get out of the school car park or shed too many tears come Monday.

Nyomi x 

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