Glotttogon have created products, designed to be loved, made to last and manufactured with thought to the future. 

In their Sydney studio they design puzzles, games and fun stuff for kids. The ethos is to create truly entertaining products that inspire learning through fun, tactile and interactive play.

We manufacture responsibly and choose the best materials; our puzzles are made from recycled board, printed with vegetable or soy based inks and the paper is good paper, at  least Preps 3 standard...meaning we know where the trees were grown and that they are from managed forests.

Our products are durable - we do not cut corners in production. Safe - each of them have safety certification for European & Australian standards. FUN - try them!!

LOVE makes our world go round...

Kids love our bold, vibrant graphics.

Parents love our eco paper & inks.

We love nonsense, fun & chaos.

We love Australia - we live here, we design here, it all begins here.

We donʼt love waste - so our puzzles are made from recycled board & printed with non-toxic inks

We know that dreams & play can make the world a happier place…and we delight in making products that prove it!

 Play - Dream - Fly